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The Immigration Times is an online web portal, which is supported by industry leaders, well known lawyers, legal professionals and consultants of the Immigration Industry. The Immigration Times is associated with the Government and the Immigration Departments of various countries to get the right information in terms of immigration, visa, legal requirements and settlement matters. The Immigration Times is also supported by various international associates, and industry practice groups, working directly with clients to provide expert guidance from inception to completion. We are building bridges between the community, lawyers, consultants and immigration departments to help you to map your legal destination with no cost to our readers. Yes, we mean free of charge.

The Immigration Times has been initiated by its journalists and writers, volunteers, news agencies. Most of us have been through the same immigration conundrum, and experienced the same ups and downs as the majority of The Immigration Times readers.

Our aim is to provide you with significant, legal and perceptive information on immigration matters that you will find useful - right from the time you are thinking to apply for immigration up until you get settled successfully in your desired country and become a Citizen.

We intend to provide free information on immigration law; our primary customers are immigration law professionals, consultants, immigrants and non-immigrants interested in immigration law and policy. Our readers and contributors find this free information useful.

Our mission is to keep our readers informed and supply them immigration law and visa policy-related information, and resources. We at The Immigration Times are putting extensive effort and time into gathering required and important information and updating our site to keep our readers well informed. We publish all this information through news articles and blogs on our web site. We want to make it easy for our readers to find the latest information regarding immigration law, for various countries at one place. We have also linked our site to various active communities including discussion forums, YouTubeLinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Our readers can interact directly with the industry professionals, and with other readers for immigration law and visa policies of various countries.

The information on this website will always be free. We only request readers fill out the form and register once to access the Forums on this website. Registration will also permit you to write and share information at the forums. We believe knowledge is power and we are committed to provide the power of knowledge absolutely free of charge. We encourage you to register yourself in the forum and start sharing your words.

If you find the information at The Immigration Times is useful, we would be pleased if you pass the word around, and if you are able and wish to help others by sharing your own experiences.

No matter whether you are presently in the process of migrating or thinking to apply in one of the listed countries, we would like to extend our best wishes in achieving your goals and dreams.

We thank you for visiting this site and contributing your experience, and information to our readers.

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